Join us as Vendor Providing an opportunity for vendors with physical store or home based business to start selling their products online with we have easy and straightforward policies, Join us today and you will get easy to use dashboard to enter their products online, manage their orders and get information about their business progress.

  • Join us as Vendor for Only Rs.500/month, (if Quarterly Rs.1200 or in annual bases Rs.4000/-
  • Contribute of Annual Marketing Funds Rs.1000/-
  • No Sales Commission.
  • All Order payments directly to your bank accounts after ever 15 days.
  • Shipping will be provided¬† by Vendors.
  • Quality should be maintained by Vendors / Quality assurance statement will be signed by Vendor.
  • All sales returns will be handle and manage by Vendors
  • Ready help and support to create your own shop.
  • Special Promotional Packages on Special Events Like “EID”

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